Orders may be placed by phone or sent by fax, email or submitted by our submission form.

Helpful information will include:

  • Your contact information.

  • A detailed description of the sample and analysis to be performed.

  • Sample size:
    · 1ml minimum for essential oils and low diluent samples.
    · 30ml minimum for water soluble samples or samples with a high diluent content (>30%).

  • Known possible dilutents.

  • Does the sample contain any essential oils?

  • Water Solubility.

Contact Information

Analysis Information

Sample size:  1ml ~ minimum for essential oils and low diluent flavors and fragrances. 30ml ~ minimum for water soluble or samples high in diluent content (>30%.)

Payment by: PayPal US-Cheque Bank-Transfer Other

Payments to Spectrix Labs

  • PayPal
    We prefer payments posted to Spectrix Labs using PayPal ~ our PayPal Account is: “[email protected]”.
    PayPal payments allow us to immediately proceed processing your submissions.
    PayPal accepts all popular credit cards.

  • Cheque
    You may also pay by Cheque, however, submissions will not be processed until the cheque clears the bank.

  • Bank-Transfers & other forms of Payment
    Please call us by phone to discuss bank-transfers and other payment options.

Shipping Samples to Spectrix Labs